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    15 Signs You're A Creature Of Habit

    Why spice things up when you know what's good for you.

    1. Picking the right seat is critical.


    New seat? Chaos. Utter chaos.

    2. There's no need to even look at a menu.

    3. You never veer from your morning routine.

    4. Deciding what to wear is never a struggle.

    5. This is what happens when you find a new tune you like. Over and over again.

    Until your roomie can't take no more.

    6. You always take the same routes to get around.

    Why take the road less traveled?

    7. The night always ends at the same bar with the same crew.

    8. Window or aisle? / Via

    Window People: More likely to be younger, female, shorter and more casual than their aisle compatriots.

    Aisle People: More likely to be older, male, taller, more educated, dressed up, and with higher incomes than window gazers.

    9. You're convinced that your good luck routine never fails.


    So you bounce the ball precisely 12x before every shot.

    10. The cupboard is full of dishes, yet you always reach for the same one.


    It just tastes better in your mug.

    11. Grocery list? No need.


    You've got this.

    12. Always left over right.

    13. When you're feelin a little wild and crazy, you part your hair differently.


    You wild thing, you.

    14. Queue your end of the day routine.


    Sweatpants. Food. Couch.

    15. Everything in its right place or else it drives you nuts.

    But you know what you like, and that makes life a whole lot easier.


    So you do you.