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    Best Ramen Spots In Baltimore

    Baltimore is hardly a 'ramen town', but there's more than one spot to get a good bowl of noodles!

    1. Mi & Yu - Federal Hill

    KateKateBear / Via

    Short Rib Ramen

    2. TenTen Ramenn- Mount Vernon


    Braised Beef Ramen

    3. Dooby's - Mount Vernon

    JZEats / Via

    Miso Pork Ramen

    4. Ejji Ramen - Belvedere

    Per_ogi / Via

    Tonkotsu Pork Belly Ramen

    5. Katana Baltimore - Canton / Via

    Spicy Ramen

    6. Shiso Tavern - Canton

    DearBmore / Via

    Ramen Bowl

    7. Uma Uma - Ellicott City

    lokuo / Via

    Spicy Miso Ramen

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