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    • likehesaiddotdotdot

      anyone who misinterperets the factual usage or misdefines or otherwise misrepresents the word “literally” into a definiton other than the ‘real’ one meaning ‘actually’ or ‘in a literal, or real sense’; may as well be trying to do the same thing as bastardizing the necessary and cornerstone concreteness of such constructs in the English language as “singular” and change that definition to mean ‘plural’ or ‘multiplicative’. What I’m stating, is that distorting, or warping the concrete definition of cornerstone or keystone constructs of the language such as “literally” or “singular” or “plural” or “fact” or “fiction” or the hogwash when people confuse “idea” with the completely seperate word (and concept) “ideal” it can (and eventually will) cause the whole house of cards (or scaffolding propping up) this language to fall down and come flying apart at the seams. “truly”.

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