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    20 Things You Have To Eat @ Disney World

    With so many food options available at Disney World, this list highlights the 20 things you have to try while on your next trip to Disney.

    1. Mickey Ice Cream Bar

    2. Cinnamon Rolls

    3. Mickey Waffles

    4. Dole Whip

    5. Candy Apples

    6. Bread Service

    7. Raspberry Lemon Macaroon

    8. Mickey Red Velvet Cake Pop

    9. Cheese Plate

    10. Werther’s Caramel Popcorn

    11. Mickey Pretzels

    12. Ghirardelli Browne Sundae

    13. Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

    14. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie

    15. Cheddar Cheese Soup

    16. The Gray Stuff

    17. Hot Dogs

    18. Beignets

    19. Strawberry Soup

    20. Lobster Roll

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