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Like for Syria Like for Syria strives to harness the power of social media to raise awareness and much-needed funds to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Through innovative and creative strategies we inspire and drive social media users to join us on th...
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  • “Boycott Israel” Video Goes Viral

    Why do we boycott Israel and why should you as well?? Watch the video below to find out, and discover which of your favorite products and companies support the systematic ethnic cleansing of an entire population by Israel.

  • Watch This Video And See What Made This Old Man Weep

    We all know old people are adorable, and they’ve seen so many things in their lifetime that not just anything moves them and makes them cry. But when they do, it’s adorably sad. So what did this old man see that made him weep instantly?? Watch the video below to find out.

  • Watch This Syrian Child Be More Generous Than Any Of Us

    No one likes to share their food, especially when they barely have enough for themselves. So what happens when this child in Syria, an orphan living under the besieged Syrian town of Eastern Ghouta with no stable access to bread or food, finally gets a small sandwich all to himself? He does what none of us would do….he shares it with his friends, leaving just one bite for himself.

  • Who Cares About Syria: We Stopped Caring And You Should Too!

    We know innocent civilians are dying by the thousands in Syria. We’ve heard about the atrocities there too many times on the news. But, truth is we’ve all got something else to worry about. We can barley keep up with our own lives, AND with the Kardashians… are we also supposed to keep up with what’s happening in Syria?!

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