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3 Reasons To Get To Know These Exotic Berliners

They are much more exotic than you think; but not for the reasons you expect.

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3 reasons to get to know these exotic berliners

Mia, Jean-Pierre and Helga by Ligia Fascioni / Via

Maybe you don’t know, but not all exotic people who live in Berlin are human beings. Some of them are from the Andromeda Galaxy and we call them Wesen. Since back there they have creative professions, they use to go for a sabbatical in other planets in order to broad their minds and help them generate new ideas. From time to time, an expedition full of new Wesen arrives through a secret portal in Berlin.

Ligia Fascioni and Nicole Plauto idealized the to offer a totally different way of bringing home a souvenir from the German capital. The project brings together storytelling, illustration, photography, culture, social media, tourism and history, as well as appreciation and respect for diversity.

The Wesen can’t speak, but they share their day-to-day life in Berlin and can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. In the social networks, they present nice places, museums, cafés, galleries, parties, parks, people, shows, and so on, with a curious, innocent and prejudice-free point of view. Humans can ask questions and interact as well. They took the form of plush toy arts to absorb experiences more efficiently, as well as being more friendly and comfortable to humans.

The entrepreneurs are developing a cloning technique, so that in the near future, people can take their favorite Wesen home and help them to acquire new experiences. In addition, new expeditions can arrive at any moment.

So, take a look at the reasons why you should definitely get to know the sarcastic Helga, a Cosmic History Teacher, the intelligent Jean-Pierre, an Artificial Geniosity Developer, and the fun Mia, Choreographer of News:

1. You will experience a totally new point of view about Berlin

Helga by Ligia Fascioni / Via

The Wesen share on Facebook and Instagram interesting places with even more interesting comments. As the Wesen are from another planet (actually, even another Galaxy), they have no prejudices and pre-judgments. They want to learn as much as they can (they did cross the universe with this intention), so they are totally open-minded. This is a new and fresh way to look at history, food, people and monuments.

2. For sure, you will identify yourself with at least one of the Wesen (if not in these expedition, in the next).

Ligia Fascioni / Via

The Wesen have complex personalities and interesting life stories. And in the near future you’re going to be allowed to adopt your own Wesen. It’s going to be fun!

3. Using #wesenberlin or the hashtag of your character, you are going to be able to share with us and like-minded people the moments you have with your Wesen, being in your home or during your travels.

Ligia Fascioni / Via

Aren’t the Wesen cool? You can get to know the full story and the details in

Come join us!

Helga in Holocaust Memorial

Wesen by Ligia Fascioni / Via

Helga: "I was taking a walk earlier and found this interesting memorial. The women look so sad and the people seem to be suppressed by the stone around them.

I don't know if I understood it right, but a very nice lady told me that this memorial reminds a women's protest against a "Nazism" that would take their husbands and sons away.

I didn't understand exactly what this Nazism is. I'm gonna take a deeper look, but I already know that it can't be good."

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