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10 Reasons "The Lottery" Is Your Next Favorite Conspiracy Thriller

Best put your babies to bed. They won't want to see this. The Lottery premieres on Lifetime July 20 at 10/9c.

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1. The Lottery explores a scenario where women have mysteriously stopped reproducing, and humans are facing extinction.


In other words, your worst nightmare.

2. It's a world completely bereft of babies, and it's terrifying.


Terrifying, but fascinating. Can you even imagine a world without babies?

3. In 2019, the last six children on Earth were born, one of which is Elvis.


And his father, Kyle, is all he's got.

4. Because he's one of the last, everyone (including the government) is extremely protective of him.


Everyone just wants what's best, because they are the last hope for human existence.

5. That is until Dr. Alison Lennon, a fertility specialist, successfully fertilized 100 embryos.


Little does she know there's conspiracy at play, and she's in trouble.

6. The celebrations are short-lived when the government shows up to completely take over the research.


Leaving Alison and her research in the wrong hands.

7. And what does the government plan on doing with the miracle embryos?


8. Yes, the women of the United States will be entered in a lottery to see who will be the surrogate to these embryos.


And since no woman has successfully had a child in years, the demand is extraordinary.

9. However, Alison will do whatever it takes to get back those eggs and do what's right.

She will let absolutely nothing get in the way.

10. But not if the government has any say in the matter.


Want to find out what happens next? Catch the premiere of The Lottery this Sunday at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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