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53 Selena Gomez Lyrics That Should Totally Be Your Instagram Captions

♫ I wouldn't wanna be anybody else ♫

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1. Mr. TSA, I'm ready for inspection

2. If you want me, I'm accepting applications

3. Breathe me in, breathe me out 💨

4. Every night's my birthday 🎉

5. Feeling fine and free

6. Night and day I'll be your muse

7. Everything I touch turns to love

8. Tonight we come alive

9. Live it up 'cause baby it's your time

10. We got nothin' to lose, we got nothin' to prove 💯


11. Throw down, let 'em know that ya got fight 👊

12. When you're ready, come and get it

13. Even if you knock it, ain't no way to stop it

14. Our love was made to rule the world 🌎

15. I can't believe that my body's still movin'

16. It's the end of the night...but the beginnin' of time for you and I

17. Oh, when the night starts slippin' the day

18. It's a big bad world, but I ain't ashamed

19. Automatic dancin' addict...I can't get enough💃

20. When all fades, you remain


21. Forever here, forever saved

22. And you got me feeling like a homecoming queen

23. You don't need no other lover

24. Now's all we got, and time can't be bought

25. We lit the whole world up

26. You got me sippin' on something 🍷

27. The heart wants what it wants

28. Lighting me up like Venus

29. This is a modern fairytale 👸

30. Like a dream come alive, incredible


31. I love you like a love song, baby

32. There's no way to fake it

33. It's my, my, my time to butterfly 🐛

34. I wouldn't wanna be anybody else

35. I'm just beautiful me 💅

36. You've got every right to a beautiful life

37. We're never gonna stop going round and round

38. Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally

39. You are the thunder, and I am the lightning⚡️

40. When we collide sparks fly


41. Can't keep my hands to myself 👏

42. Doing it up like Midas

43. I just wanna look good for you, good for you, uh-huh

44. But there's a first time for everything

45. If you feel like you're the spark, then come out of the dark

46. We are survivors of the wild

47. My sweet devoted counterpart, we kept each other's shooting stars 💫

48. Let's go all night, just you and me

49. Never felt more, more alive...I got my chicas by my side 👯👯

50. We're staring at this summer night...tan skin looks damn good in white

51. I don't want nothing else, not when I've had the best

52. I love it when you hate me

53. I know we're making you want us all in the worst way 😍


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