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What Does Your Life Of Excellence Look Like?

Take this quiz to see which philosopher or theologian best matches your personality and your life values!!

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  1. A murderer comes to your door and asks where your roommate is, saying that he’ll murder them. What do you do?

    Say that you don’t know, because you don’t… with absolute certainty at least...
    Tell them where you think they are, but maintain a joyous hope in your absurd belief that they’ll be spared.
    My roommate is my friend, and because I love my friends as I love myself (since friends reflect who you are) I do not tell the person where my roommate is.
  2. On a scale of 1-3, how important is faith in your life? (1 being most important, 3 being least)

  3. What’s the most valuable trait for a person?

    The ability to anticipate threats
    The ability to remove feelings and emotions from decisions
    The drive to continually ask questions
    The ability to consistently chose what is good
    The ability to surrender something, knowing it will be returned
  4. What is the purpose of society?

    The city has the greatest happiness. Everyone practices what he/she is naturally good at and rulers are those whose education and upbringing fits with the established order
    Rulers should seek material prosperity, security, power and glory for those they rule
    Society should allow us to embrace our desires because that is living authentically
  5. If you had a very ill family member and the only way to save their life was to steal medicine, would you do it and how would you justify your choice.

    No because stealing is never right in any circumstance
    If God told you to do it then yes
    Deliberate about it enough to arrive at a just decision
    Yes if your family member was valuable enough to you for it to be worth the risk.
    Using my prudential to determine what the most oral option is, no I would not steal the medicine
    Well, what do you value more? Preserving social customs or the life of a family member. Neither is correct, but go with whatever feels right.
  6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Fulfilling my liberal arts education and doing the job that I am best at
    Having a home, food, clothes, and friends, so I can place my focus on asking questions
    Uniting Italy or Dictator of the world
    Living in a world where no one uses each other as tools
    Rebelling against the man
    Doing potentially harmful things, but having the faith I'll be okay regardless
  7. What do you value most in life?

    My soul
    Being just
    My faith
    Enjoying life for life's sake
    My duty
  8. Which quote most resonates with you?

    “Men at some time are masters of their fates: / The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - Cassius, Julius Caesar
    “Do your duty as you see it, and damn the consequences.” - George S. Patton Jr.
    "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to c
  9. What role does reason play in your life?

    The rational part of the soul is the highest part
    Reason is a tool that can facilitate you in gaining power and accomplishing goals
    Reason determines the moral law because it can determine what is morally good
    Helps to discern what the right choice is
    Faith can override reason if God is asking you to do the "absurd"
    Reason is not all that reasonable
  10. What does excellence mean to you?

    To do my craft to the best of my ability
    To be excellent is to be reasonable, is to be virtuous, is to be happy
    The achievement and maintenance of power
    To be excellent is to do my duty regardless of consequences
    To do what God asks of me, believing fully in the return of my sacrifice
    Creating my own purpose and blocking out all the haters

What Does Your Life Of Excellence Look Like?

You got: Plato

You got Plato! Like him, you love to ask questions and never take anything at its face value. You believe that there is always more to learn. You are relentless in this pursuit of knowledge despite how uncomfortable you make others and in disregard for the trouble you could get into. In fact, you think that the best way to arrive at the truth is to make others feel as uneasy as possible and for them to question what they believe to be true. Strangely enough, you might think that all your knowledge comes from mystical force in space that you can never truly understand. You also have an extremely strong sense of justice.You believe that this justice is to find your role in society and stick to that role. You also believe that if a society was to run smoothly and have harmony, it would be ran by people like you.

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You got: Aristotle

You got Aristotle! Like him, you regard happiness as the greatest good in life. You like to break down your thoughts and beliefs in an ordered manner, somewhat like a science. Before you can find time to focus on pressing questions like the meaning of life, you first strive to make sure you have all the materials you need so that you can focus properly. You put immense effort into making sure that you consistently make virtuous choices, because you want to be someone of good character. You laugh at the idea that morality can be relative, because you know that there is only one right way to act. Something that is very important to you is understanding your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can avoid the errors you are most susceptible to. Your education is extremely valuable to you and you always strive to do your best work because of this. Above all, you view true, good friendship as a sort of blessing and miracle and constantly attempt to further develop your relationships with others for the hopes of achieving these enduring connections.

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You got: Machiavelli

You got Machiavelli! Like him, you believe a ruler should look out for his subjects and gain as much material prosperity, power and glory as possible. You may have a different code of ethics as a ruler than your citizens, but that’s because you have different roles in society. You also believe that the ends of an action always justify the means! If you are helping your kingdom in the end, it does not matter what method you took to get there. Additionally, you are considered modern for your lack of religious influence on your thinking and politics, and you tend to believe that men are naturally wicked and act out of self-interest, so they need some form of government to control them! You support the separation of politics and ethics and politics and religion; instead of using philosophical criteria, you apply a more practical criteria to your way of thinking because government should be based on facts and reason! You strive to be an opportunist, which will surely help you out in the long run.

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You got: Kant

You got Kant! You believe that the only truly good thing is a good will. According to your moral philosophy, an action’s moral worth is determined by its intent, rather than its consequences or effects. For an act to be considered moral, it must be done for its own sake in accordance with duty to the moral law. You also believe that all rational beings are ends in themselves, and therefore must never be used as means to an end. The central concept behind your moral philosophy is the “Categorical Imperative,” which demands that one must act only according to principles which can be observed as universal laws. This principle is unconditional and binding on all rational creatures. You hope that mankind may someday establish a society called the Kingdom of Ends,” a legal society in which all rational beings are treated as ends in themselves, and all people observe the Categorical Imperative.

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You got: Kierkegaard

You got Kierkegaard! For you, the life of excellence is marked by an individualistic journey of faith. While you value social mores and ethical standards, these are merely temporal. Your life is on a higher course. While grounded in the present reality, your true devotion is towards an end not of this world. You are so devoted to your ideals that you’re willing to sacrifice anything for them, regardless of repercussions or how crazy other people may think you are. Even so, your life is marked by joy in the belief that you won’t have to do it

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You got: Nietzsche

You got Nietzsche! Your life of excellence is driven by the desire to create your own identity through self-realization. You believe life is all about giving life meaning by yourself, and not through other external sources such as religion. Much like Nietzsche, you believe there is no need for religion in this life because it is anti-human and takes the power away from the individual person and puts it in the hands of someone else, like God. Religion does not give life meaning, but rather eradicates true human meaning, which is why there is no need for religion. Additionally, you believe that your whole life is driven by the need to have power and control over everything because when are you in control, you feel most secure in your own life (maybe you’re even a bit of a micromanager...feeling the deep desire to have control over every little aspect of your life). You believe the most important part of life is to find joy, and this is something that you must find on your own!

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