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    30 Life-Changing Crock-Pot Recipes To Make This Fall

    Time to dust off those slower cookers. They're not just for soups anymore.

    1. Sweet and Sour Chicken with Pineapples

    Life Made Sweeter / Via

    Packed with a ton of flavor and way better than take-out!

    2. Honey Balsamic Pulled Pork

    The Recipe Rebel / Via

    Thick, sweet, and tangy — the perfect pulled pork.

    3. Italian Beef Bolognese Fettuccine

    Whole and Heavenly Oven / Via

    Exceptionally rich, creamy, and loaded with Italian flavors!

    4. Coconut Curry Beef with Lime Roasted Peanuts

    Sweet Peas & Saffron / Via

    An exotic Thai-inspired dish bursting with flavor.

    5. Hearty No Bean Chili

    Pumpkin 'N Spice / Via

    So hearty and satisfying, you'll never miss the beans in this chili!

    6. Hard Apple Cider Pulled Pork with Roasted Apple Barbecue Sauce

    Flavor the Moments / Via

    Perfectly tangy and guaranteed to be a hit!

    7. Pork Burrito Bowls

    With Salt and Wit / Via

    Just one taste, and you'll be transported to the tropics!

    8. Pork with Mashed Cauliflower

    Hip Foodie Mom / Via

    So comforting and delicious!

    9. Chipotle Barbecue Ribs

    Mariah's Pleasing Plates / Via

    Smoky and sweet, it's an easy meal the entire family will love!

    10. Irish Guinness Beef Stew

    Tastes Lovely / Via

    Tender, intensely flavorful, and ready when you walk in the door.

    11. Enchilada Soup

    Maebells / Via

    Toss in all your ingredients, and come home to a warm, filling bowl of soup.

    12. Easy Sloppy Joe

    Petite Allergy Treats / Via

    A no-fuss dinner that's always a hit and perfect for feeding a crowd.

    13. Salsa Verde Honey Lime Chicken Tacos

    A Latte Food / Via

    Easy chicken tacos packed with a punch of flavor.

    14. Easy Lasagna

    Kristine's Kitchen / Via

    The easiest lasagna you will ever make!

    15. Carnitas

    Live Well, Bake Often / Via

    Perfect for an easy dinner during the week!

    16. Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder

    Bake. Eat. Repeat. / Via

    A hearty, healthy, and satisfying meal that couldn't be easier to whip up.

    17. BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders

    My Kitchen Craze / Via

    So ridiculously easy to make and full of flavor — perfect for busy weeknights!

    18. Healthy Chili

    Savory Nothings / Via

    So comforting, delicious, and healthy!

    19. Easy Pork Roast With Hoisin-Blackberry Sauce

    Floating Kitchen / Via

    Let the slow cooker do all the work, and have an outstanding dinner ready while you sit back and relax.

    20. White Chicken Chili

    Flying on Jess Fuel / Via

    So easy to make and perfect for a cozy evening indoors.

    21. Soy and Lime Chicken Wings

    Spoonful of Flavor / Via

    Finger lickin’ good!

    22. Buffalo Chicken

    My Sequined Life / Via

    Big on flavor and spiced just right.

    23. Mongolian Beef

    The Recipe Rebel / Via

    A rich, dark, sweet and sour sauce in the Crock-Pot, it makes a flavorful meal that's perfect for weeknights!

    24. Easy Chicken Lo Mein

    Life Made Sweeter / Via

    No need to order take-out. This is so much easier, tastier, and healthier!

    25. Pulled Honey Lime Chicken Sandwiches

    Sweet Peas & Saffron / Via

    Simple and easy sandwiches that are perfect for weeknights.

    26. Southwest Breakfast Casserole

    Cookie Monster Cooking / Via

    A satisfying and delicious breakfast that's perfect for company.

    A satisfying and delicious breakfast that's perfect for company.

    27. Mexican Quinoa

    Chelsea's Messy Apron / Via

    A deliciously healthy meal bursting with fresh ingredients.

    28. Chicken Adobo

    The Weary Chef / Via

    Sweet, spicy, and tender.

    29. Chicken Teriyaki

    Rachel Cooks / Via

    Healthy, delicious, and perfect for weeknights.

    30. Broccoli Beef

    Creme de la Crumb / Via

    A flavor-packed sauce that will make you think twice about ever ordering take-out again.

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