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    The Best Moments From The Pilot Episode Of "Binge"

    "Are you seriously eating my cake?" "No... I'm eating my cake!"


    2. "I hope you choke on a low-fat dick!"

    3. "Ohmygod, you can't eat in here." *Shoves food in face*

    4. "You're not fat and you're not thin and you look like you've been drunk for a week... bulimia! Am I right?"

    5. "I think I whored myself out for this mug..."

    6. "Frodo, you are terrible with women and I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that you'll die alone."

    7. "I think his mom hates me and wants me to die in a fire." "Like an explosion or just a regular house fire?"

    8. Thanks for reading!

    I'm going to go rewatch the episode for the 20th time, now...