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    The Best Moments From The Pilot Episode Of "Binge"

    "Are you seriously eating my cake?" "No... I'm eating my cake!"


    HLG Studios / Via

    "Binge" is a new indie comedy about bulimia and addiction, inspired by the lead actress and cowriter/creator herself - a recovered bulimic and self-described trainwreck. And it's utterly hilarious. Obvious spoiler warning, if you haven't seen the episode! It doesn't exactly hide away from anything, so... don't watch in front of your parents.

    2. "I hope you choke on a low-fat dick!"

    HLG Studios / Via

    It's my new favourite insult.

    3. "Ohmygod, you can't eat in here." *Shoves food in face*

    HLG Studios / Via

    4. "You're not fat and you're not thin and you look like you've been drunk for a week... bulimia! Am I right?"

    HLG Studios / Via

    I honestly feel so attacked right now... yeah, this won't be true for everyone, but it was for me!

    5. "I think I whored myself out for this mug..."

    HLG Studios / Via

    The mug says "my other mug is your mom", btw.

    6. "Frodo, you are terrible with women and I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that you'll die alone."

    HLG Studios / Via

    Okay, the main character's kind of a bitch at times, but given that she's just found out she drunkenly signed herself up for rehab, I'll give her some slack.

    7. "I think his mom hates me and wants me to die in a fire." "Like an explosion or just a regular house fire?"

    HLG Studios

    I mean, it's a pretty significant distinction.

    8. Thanks for reading!

    I'm going to go rewatch the episode for the 20th time, now...

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