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12 Times When Wearing Pants Is The Hardest Thing Ever

other than all the time.

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1. The Monday after a Sunday Funday / Via giphy

oh, you're not a sports fan? then how'd you manage to drink 12 bud lights and eat an entire plate of nachos yesterday? weird.

2. On any flight longer than 2 hours

tumblr / Via

i get bloated at high altitudes.

3. After you ate that chicken parm sandwich for lunch on Friday

tumblr / Via

gotta get dat chicky chicky parm parm.

4. Road trips

wordpress / Via

because calories don't count when you're on the road. also, seat belts. #safetyfirst

5. Trying clothes on at the store


all about that, 'buy & return.' life

6. When the humidity percentage goes above 70% in November

giphy / Via

and you were like, "my pants have become one with my skin."

7. When you get home from work and your roommate's boyfriend is over / Via giphy

home is where the 'no pants zone' is, bro. you're about to see some shit.

8. At work / Via giphy

that non-elastic waste band does no favors when sitting at a desk all day.

9. When it's "that time of the month" / Via giphy

nature hath no mercy.

10. When you and your boo are hungover and have to get brunch with his parents / Via Giphy

and you're like, "are my pant's attendance to this mandatory?"

11. Thanksgiving / Via blogspot

nothing to say here.

12. Today / Via giphy

because life is hard, and pants are mean.

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