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Done With Dealbreakers?

Liz Lemon to tie the knot on "30 Rock"

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Wedding bells are ringing for Liz Lemon (Tina Fey): according to this save-the-date released by "30 Rock," everyone's favorite cheese-eating slanket-wearer is set to make it official next Thursday with boyfriend and would-be baby daddy Chriss Chross (James Marsden).

We'll admit we're a little surprised that "30 Rock"'s writers decided they had to marry off our perennially independent woman in order to end the series on a high note. But hey, as long as marriage doesn't violate the core tenets of Lizbeanism, we're cool with it.

We hear the couple has already registered at that cool new popcorn place. No word on whether the dress is a white fleece blanket with arms.

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