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What Your Laundry Habits Say About Your Dating Life

According to OkCupid, 41% of users say they're turned on by someone who folds the laundry. LG and OkCupid teamed up to create the LG Laundry Love Lab Quiz to help you find your laundry love match.

There are a lot of personality types when it comes to doing laundry, like the person who washes by color and the one who only air-dries. Here's what each of these laundry personalities says about your love life.

1. The person who folds the laundry immediately

2. The person who always forgets to clean the lint screen

3. The person who sniff tests clothes to determine whether it’s time to do the laundry

4. The person who washes by color and type

5. The person who rinses the detergent cap to get all the liquid out

6. The person who only does laundry when out of underwear

7. The person who drops clothes en route to the laundry room

8. The person who doesn’t use fabric softener

9. The person who mixes towels and sheets with clothes

10. The person who air-dries all their laundry

According to OkCupid, 51% of users say it’s most attractive when a partner does a load of laundry without them asking. LG teamed up with OkCupid to create the LG Laundry Love Lab Quiz to find the best LG appliance that matches your laundry love language.

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