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Take Your Baking Skills To The Next Level With These LG Ovens

An important message for all of our baking friends: The LG Combination Double Wall Oven has two ovens with the versatility of four. Get ready to bake your little hearts out.

LG provided us with these materials and information about their new product.

LG's new ProBake Convection Oven and Combination Double Wall Oven might be that missing ingredient in your kitchen.

Let's start with the basics. LG's clean design seamlessly blends into any surrounding cabinetry. Not to mention, their sleek and easy to use glass controls make jumping in super easy.

Let's dive into the specific ovens. The ProBake Convection Oven has enough space for you to cook your holiday turkey... PLUS the sides. You can bake all of this at the same time by the way, while still maintaining that great quality.

The new LG Combination Double Wall Oven is a beast. You're able to tap into two ovens at once, while still enjoying its versatility.

Just to be clear, BOTH of these ovens are convection ovens.

It's OK if you don't fully know what that means. To keep it simple, convection ovens are built with an internal fan system, allowing the hot air to spread evenly throughout the oven. It helps ensure your food comes out perfect every time you bake.

And honestly, the best part of this might come after you finish cooking. There's an EasyClean™ button that helps you get a spotless oven in 10 minutes! Enjoy your food in HEAVEN.

LG is providing the gold standard here for ovens. Whether you're a professional or just kicking off your journey, LG has you covered.