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11 Things Your Mom Is Actually Thinking

You thought you knew, but you were SO wrong. Here's a look into what she was really thinking all along.

1. When she teaches you how to help out at home:

2. When she lets you play around on the computer for longer than usual:

3. When you leave for college:

4. When she lets you be her sous chef:

5. When you wake her up at the crack of dawn:

6. When you win Family Game Night:

7. When she makes you take naps during the day:

8. When you play "peek-a-boo" with her for the eighth time:

9. When you surprise her with a bedtime pillow fight:

10. When the gift you REALLY wanted was a cell phone, but instead you got embarrassing earmuffs:

11. When you insist on reading your favorite book every single day:

Let those inner thoughts out! Share your own deepest, darkest #MomConfessions.