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16 Things Every Mom Is Guilty Of Doing

#MomConfessions — every mother has at least one survival tactic or hidden secret. Check behind the broccoli.

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1. Socializing under the guise of Tupperware parties.

2. Multitasking with mom-like reflexes.


How does she do it?

3. Being embarrassed by her kids in public...


4. ...and then publicly embarrassing them into doing their chores.

5. Ordering pizza — the kind only she likes.


"What? I thought you liked eggplant lover's pizza? Oh well, more for me."

6. Joining a gym for the free daycare and smoothie bar...

7. ...and saving her real exercise and reading time for before bed.

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8. Pocketing cash from the laundry.

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9. Pretending to like her kids' culinary monstrosities...

10. ...while testing experimental recipes on her own family.

11. Taking full credit for the frozen quiche.

12. Tricking her kids into eating healthy.

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"How old are you? That's how many bites you need to take."

13. Using dessert as a reward — for herself.

14. Skipping a page or two in the storybook.


"Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after. Time for bed!"

15. Sending the kids to bed early so she can have her own version of time-out, with wine.

16. And celebrating once the baby monitors are turned on.