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12 Secret Superpowers Every Mom Has

Wish you were superhuman? Luckily you were created by one.

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1. She's fluent in toddler gibberish.

2. She can predict the future.

3. She's basically a human polygraph.

4. She has the hands of a ninja.

The Thundermans / Nickelodeon /

5. She is uber focused.

6. Her stare has the power to burn through walls.

Lost Girl / Prodigy Pictures Inc. /

7. She's a wizard in the kitchen.

8. She knows how to divert a dangerous situation.

9. She has psychic vision.

10. She's a master at recognizing the fake cry.

11. She's a superhuman stain remover.

12. She's superman. Almost.

In addition to her natural superpowers, moms now have another secret weapon: LG home appliances.