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13 Tweets That Are Too Real For People Whose Phones Are Always Dying

"Life is hard, and then your phone dies." So get the LG G5 with the modular design and removable battery, allowing you to pop in a fresh battery whenever you need it.

1. If it's unplugged, it's low.

*goes on low battery power at 100%*

2. Literally.

*unplugs a 100% charged phone* *slides to unlock* Battery 43%

3. Nothing else matters.

When your phone at 1% and your sister at 15

4. Secondhand Low Battery Anxiety is real.

You see a phone screenshot and they at 2 percent Like is this really what u should be focusing on....

5. When your battery messages you, it's serious.

*phone vibrates, gets excited* *only a notification that my phone battery is low*

6. 'Cause you and the wall go together like 🔌📲.

When you charge your phone so often you basically have a landline.

7. This is why you have trust issues:

When your phone dies before it even reaches 0%

8. 💯 💯 💯

9. Soon, you measure time by battery percentage.

I swear my phone dies faster than my relationships

10. Reality itself starts to blur.

I just tried to start my car with my phone charger

11. You forget how to exist. And also, sit.

When your phone dies in public and you don't know what to do with yourself

12. What is life?

Life is hard, and then your phone dies.

13. Battery life is life.

If/when my phone dies I hope it takes me with it.

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