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If We Held Funerals For Dead Phones, This Is What It Would Look Like

Battery life is short. Extend it with the all-new LG G5, the phone with the modular design and removable battery, so you're never without backup power.

1. Of course, you'd have to identify the body first.

2. Then there's the matter of going through the will.

3. The newspaper would carry a touching obituary...

4. ...and the sympathy cards would come pouring in.

5. Naturally, the mortician would have some work ahead of them.

6. But the wake would be somber and tasteful...

7. ...and allow close friends to say their goodbyes.

8. As for the funeral itself, it wouldn't be too different from any other memorial service.

9. You'd have a heartfelt eulogy followed by music...

10. ...and the peace that comes with knowing that their memory lives on in the cloud.

RIP. Our condolences to all the phones that aren't the LG G5. See how you can get a FREE spare battery and charging cradle when you order one! 💯 🔋

Rotating thumbnail images via Thinkstock.