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    • leylae

      PLEASE sit your sons down and explain to them what is rape BEFORE they end up in jail or sued. A drunk or drugged woman cannot legally give her consent. Tell him that a girl might give in to sex, if you push her, bully her, nag and harass her, but that isn’t really consent. This includes for when he grows up, and becomes an authority figure, for example, somebodies teacher or boss or a cop, that it’s wrong to use his position to pressure unwilling women into sex. This seems like common sense, but how many men never had this explained to them?

    • leylae

      You’re a horrible person. They bring these women in from poverty stricken areas of the world, this is their one chance to have a better life for themselves in America and some of them are supporting their entire families. Photo shoots are work and can be long grueling hours. You might be required to get up at 3am for a day-break shoot to catch a sunrise on the beach, splash around in freezing water and act like you’re enjoying yourself. Also fend off a lot of sleaze bags in the industry who are going to try and prey on you. There’s a lot of people making money off their genes, like athletes. Yao Ming was genetically born 7’ 6”. Michael Phelps has proportionally longer arms and double joints that make him a born swimming champion. Some people are born gifted musical prodigies. Mozart began composing at age 5. Being so bitter because some one else is prettier than you is shallow as hell. You might be living a comfortable and easy life that poor girl could only dream of having.

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