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10 Super Basic Things Of 2016

No matter how many coffees I drink without a seasonal flavor shot, or how many times I refuse to wear crop tops, at the end of the day I am a millennial. Here are ten ways in which you, me, and our squads actively participated in generational clichés over the last year.

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1. Pokémon Go


Earlier this year, we saw a phenomenon unlike any before: the onslaught of Pokémon Go. While I was a fair-weather friend to the app, catching only the easiest creatures who organically crossed my path, there were those who were so diehard as to run into traffic or trespass on private property to get to good ole Pikachu. Actual people were put in real-life hospitals from mishaps while trying to throw an invisible ball at a cartoon creature. And this, my friends, is why we can't have nice things.

Admittedly, I downloaded the app with nostalgia in my heart and a competitive flame in my belly, but alas, it wasn't the game for me. To be honest, I was too lazy and too obsessed with my usual social media circuit to really go Poké-crazy.

2. Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

Instagram: @kyliecosmetics / Via

My love and respect for the Kardashian/Jenner clan is nothing new, but this year I got to literally put my money where my mouth is with nothing less than my very own Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. While definitely my most basic purchase of the year, the quality of the matte lipstick and matching lipliner is actually quite good. It was well worth the $29 I painstakingly shelled out...but the $10 shipping I really could've passed on. Nevertheless, I wear my Dirty Peach lips with pride, secretly hoping for someone to tell me I look "JUST like Kylie!". It's 2016's #goals.

3. Stranger Things

Netflix / Via

It took me a few weeks to hop on this bandwagon. I'll admit, I am not a sci-fi type of gal. Throw me a bloody period-piece or a sassy sitcom any day. Stranger Things, however, really was worth the hype. My lifelong wish of growing up in the 80's aside, I felt connected to the characters, shocked at the twists and turns, and a little tripped-out at the prospect of The Upside Down being real. Like the binge-champ that I am, I managed to watch all of Season One in one day, really soaking in Winona Ryder's desperation and Eleven's bad-ass weirdness. It even got so real for me that every weekend since, I pour some out for my lost homie. #RIPBarb

Overall, Stranger Things deserves to be the success it was; I'm just hoping if I ever go missing a middle school bicycle gang is there to save me, too.

4. Rosé

pavlinec, GettyImages/Stockphoto / Via

How a type of wine that had, until recently, been reserved for middle aged wine-o's became the "It" drink this year is one of the most basic--and delicious--things of 2016. Rosé is everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Stores I didn't even know could sell liquor are selling Rosé. Restaurants with $1 wing night have a 'fine house Rosé' on their menus. This tart, fruity wine is class in a glass. With a little rebranding, simple pink wine was reborn in 2016 as the French pinnacle of fancy. This fad is not going anywhere anytime soon, so grab a baguette and order up the finest Rosé under $10, ooh la la!

5. Harambe


No basic list of 2016 would be complete without mentioning everyone's main man--uh gorilla--Harambe. Tragically taken too young after a child fell into his habitat in the Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe has become the symbol of frat boys and woo girls across the nation. Personally, I never got the joke, especially after 11,000 people wrote Harambe in for the national presidential election. Nonetheless, Harambe became an icon in his ultimate sacrifice and will be remembered as a hero.

6. The Mannequin Challenge

US Magazine / Via

This year, we also reached a level so tech snobby that still photographs weren't quite good enough, so we made videos of our friends and families standing still to give the full effect of being frozen in time. Right. The Mannequin Challenge began, as far as I know, as a simple video some high schoolers created to go viral, but ended up starting a sensation. Major sports teams, the T-Swift Squad, even politicians struck a pose, blasted "Black Beatles", and uploaded their little hearts out.

We've seen these internet phenomenons before with the Bucket Challenge and the Running Man Challenge but the Mannequin Challenge definitely takes the cake on creativity and talent. If you haven't seen any with gymnasts or exotic dancers holding impossible positions, I suggest you get on Google.

7. The Election Coverage

NBC / Via

Now, I like to consider myself a fairly well-informed young person. I read every New York Times update that pops up on my phone and I always begin reading important articles (even though I usually don't finish them). This year, with the constant election madness, there was a multitude of ways to get this news. I can say, with all the best intentions, I know the majority of my news this election season came from either Trevor Noah and the Daily Show or Jon Oliver and Last Week Tonight. The comedic relief coupled with intelligent explanations gave me a sense of being informed and, while they both tended to have ideologies in line with my own, in "the know".

It's clear the days of newspapers and nightly news really are coming to an end when checking your Facebook every morning for 4 minute clips becomes the most satisfying media outlet for the new generation.

8. Suicide Squad


I can admit, I have not seen Suicide Squad. Was I hyped to? Yes. Have I always fostered an insane crush on Jared Leto? Yes. Did the Bohemian Rhapsody backed trailer give me chills? HELL YES. Sadly, it can be said the movie was a flop. High expectations and low delivery. Dear friends who know me better than myself advised against it, keeping my dream alive in ignorant bliss.

Thankfully, because of the basicness that is and always will be 2016, this disappointment was reversed when pretty much every man, woman, and baby dressed up as either Harley Quinn or the Joker for Halloween. The PBR of costumes, the Harley Quinn's were staples of every party, always promising a good time. The Jokers, either boyfriends of Harley's or singles looking to score a Harley, managed to prove that real men do, in fact, wear makeup. Suicide Squad may have been lackluster in the box office, but will live on in the Instagrams of basic girls everywhere.

9. RihRih, Queen Bey, and Kanye

Tidal / Via

This year at least provided some unapologetic jams from major artists. Rihanna kicked off 2016 with everyone in utter confusion about the lyrics to "Work", but not enough confusion to prevent most people from trying to sing along. Beyoncé released Lemonade leaving us begging the question: Who is Becky with the good hair? And finally, everyone's favorite rapper bad boy, Kanye West made us all pick sides, yet again, in another episode of Yeezus vs TSwift. (Team Kanye, if anyone should ask). Each artist left a mark on this year, making most of us want to put our middle fingers up screaming along to "Needed Me" with our Snapchat cameras rolling.

10. Snapchat Filters


Okay, so technically the facial detection filters debuted in 2015. But where would 2016 be without the basic, everyday usage of the puppy dog ears or my go-to flower crown? This year saw the good, the bad, and the ugly as Snapchat acts as our way into making ourselves look like Elvis or a Pug dog. The most basic among us even went so far as to make these filtered photos our profile pictures on Facebook, the core of who and what we are. Without these edited photos, how can I show I am both silly and beautiful? Would my Tinder get so much action without my pretty filter pics? I cannot throw up rainbows all on my own. Photoshop is now only for professionals: I can put an entirely new face onto my own face or even swap with a friend. The Snapchat filters are only getting more advanced with technology. So, here's hoping 2017 can WOW me all over again!

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