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9 Moments That Changed Transportation Forever

To prepare for the future, you must look to the past. Take a stroll with us through the vaunted halls of the transportation hall of fame.

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1. The horse is domesticated (3000 B.C.)

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Phoenician #1: You think we should try to ride those things?

Phoenician #2: What, you mean the prairie monsters?

Phoenician #1: Yeah, the prairie monsters.

Phoenician #2: Sure, you go give it a shot. I'll watch. Good luck!

2. The Montgolfier Brothers create the hot air balloon, inventing air travel (1783 A.D.)

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Montgolfier #1: You think this balloon we invented could carry a human?

Montgolfier #2: Maybe, but there's no one dumb enough to let us test it on them.

Montgolfier #1: No, I know a guy. Rutherford. He'll do it.

Montgolfier #2: Really? *Sighs* All right, call him up.

3. Jean-Joseph-Étienne Lenoir invents the first practical internal-combustion engine (1859 A.D.)


Engineer #1: You know how we love fire and things that go real fast?

Engineer #2: Bro, it is just...the best.

Engineer #1: What if we could use fire to make things go fast?

Engineer #2: You're blowing my mind right now.

4. The Transcontinental Railroad is completed (1869 A.D.)

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Passenger #1 : Now we can get from San Francisco to Cleveland in just a matter of days!

Passenger #2: Why do I want to go to Cleveland?

Passenger #1: Yeah, that's a good point.

5. The first practical automobile is designed and built (1885 A.D.)

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Rider #1: You know what I wish I had? A car.

Rider #2: Something wrong with your prairie monster?

Rider #1: No, he's fine. I just wish he had a radio and some headlights.

Rider #2: Yeah, that would be swell. Reeeeaaaallll swell.

6. Piero Puricelli constructs the Autostrade, the world's first "motorway" in Italy, modernizing roads for automobile transit (1926 A.D.)

Senatore 1: Queste automobili sono sempre più popolari!

Senatore 2: Sì! Ma funzionano meglio su strade asfaltate!

Senatore 1: Dovremmo asfaltare più strade?

Senatore 2: Penso che dovremmo asfaltare più strade.

7. Construction begins on the American Interstate Highway System (1956 A.D.) 6

Senator #1: Boy, those cars are really catching on. Seems like everyone has one.

Senator #2: They really do work better on paved roads though.

Senator #1: Should we pave some more roads?

Senator #2: I think we should pave some more roads.

8. GPS becomes widely available for civilian use (1996 A.D.)


Computer Programmer #1: What if people didn't have to use maps to know where they were?

Computer Programmer #2: What would they use?

Computer Programmer #1: A little box attached to their windshield, or their phone.

Computer Programmer #1: No one will ever be lost again!!

Computer Programmer #2: Well...

9. Fuel cell technology dramatically lowers exhaust emissions (2014 A.D.)

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Engineer #1: We should maybe lower carbon emissions?

Engineer #2: Nah. I think we should design a really cool rear spoiler.

Engineer #1: You notice it getting warmer lately?

Engineer #2: ...Yeah, let's lower carbon emissions.

From prairie monsters to the latest in transportation fuel cell technology, we've waited a long time for the hoverboard, internetz. The wait is finally over! Find out more about the SLIDE project at Lexus' Amazing in Motion.

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