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What’s The Worst Credit Mistake You’ve Ever Made?

Why don't they teach this stuff in school? Learn about your right to good credit with help from Lexington Law.

Credit mistakes — they're expensive, follow you for years, and can be surprisingly easy to make.

Maybe you paid off a card and closed the account...only to learn that actually HURTS your credit score.

Or perhaps you naively cosigned a family member's loans thinking it was NBD.

Maybe you forgot to pay $20 for months and months and months...only to discover later that it had transformed into a GIANT $250 bill thanks to the ~*magic*~ of interest.

Or maybe you failed to fix an expensive mistake on your credit report because you were, like, wait, what's a credit report?

They say experience is the best teacher — so help other people learn from yours!

Tell us about your worst credit mistake and how it has impacted you. How does it affect you today? What do you know now that you wish you had known then? The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed sponsored post!

(Remember: Anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.)

Don't let your credit mistakes determine your future! Claim your right to good credit with Lexington Law.

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