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15 Things A Campus Tour Guide Faces During An Open House

When the Prospective Students Invade: The Movie

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1. Waking up for an 8am class where you can wear sweats is hard. Now let's talk about being the face of your university before 7:30.

lexieslavin / Via

2. Though, the first tour of the day will always get you excited.

3. But the first difficult parent you encounter definitely seems to get all of their friends to go to you the rest of the day. / Via

No I'm sorry we do not have personal golf carts to drive you from one building to the next. You have to walk with the rest of them.

4. You always get those weird looks from students as you walk through campus but you know you and your tour are owing it.

C4MacDonald / Via

5. After your tour having to be peppy and excited about every. single. thing. can get a little tiring

kristifleeeee / Via

6. And always leads you to the mid day crash before your free lunch in the dining hall.

7. However, once you get that free stale coffee in you, you're ready for tour #2! / Via

Others may not be ready for the pep

8. By mid-day no question is too weird for you to handle. / Via

"Is there a Samurai swords appreciation club?" "Uhhh...I'm not sure but once you get on campus gather six friends and a faculty advisor to support you and it can become one!!" Nailed it.

9. When someone with a specific major in mind asks you questions you automatically try to think of who to pass them off to.

UA Tour Guides / Via

10. CRAP! Almost forgot to go to class!! / Via

High schools across the country may be off for this holiday, but not us!

11. Giving two tours and making it to class never seems to be enough. By the end of the day you've done some manual labor.

lexieslavin / Via

Somehow you always get picked to carry all of the extra brochures back to the admissions office

12. But when you get back to the office, there's nothing like hanging out with the other tour guides and sharing stories.

13. Even though you do actually love giving tours

lexieslavin / Via

Selfies with your tour groups? Absolutely.

14. When the last tour of the day leaves, all you can think about is how much you need a drink.

bshaf / Via

15. Don't worry though because you'll be back again next month with another open house!

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