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    24 Signs You’re Actually Kelly Kapoor From "The Office"

    It’s like your life is buffering.

    1. You know better than anyone that internet puns take on a whole new level of meaning when used in real life.

    2. Your primal habitat is certainly not the conference room.

    3. You’re always in search of the perfect Glee moment.

    4. The struggle is real.

    5. No one’s ever doubted your supreme business skills.

    6. You’ll do anything in the name of rock and roll.

    7. You admit you have flaws.

    8. You’re over the petty games.

    9. You’ve recruited your fair share of office besties.

    10. Nothing excites you more than the budding stages of an office romance.

    11. You’ve been crowned the office text decoder. You don’t take this honor lightly.

    12. You don’t understand why people can’t just be honest and say exactly what they’re thinking.

    13. You’re creative when you want to be.

    14. Your lips may be moving but like any good communicator, you know it’s all in the eyes.

    15. You don’t exactly have the best track record with diets.

    16. You’re not really one to let things go.

    17. You’re the truth bearer of the office.

    18. Waterproof mascara has been a long time companion of yours.

    19. You give yourself credit where credit is rightfully due.

    20. You’ve never really been one to look back.

    21. Weakness isn’t in your blood.

    22. You haven’t quite let go of your inner 13-Year-Old.

    23. You can’t help but attract drama.

    24. Now get back to work, Kelly.