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When Honesty Is NOT The Best Policy: Introducing The Excuse Generator

Are you tired of using the same, tired excuses over and over again? If so, Tackle Fanatics may have the ideal tool for you!

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Many people say that honesty is the best policy, but we can only assume that these individuals have never been forced into attending a meeting with their in-laws.

Make no mistake, there are times when we all tell white lies to avoid unwanted events, whether these relate to family days out or pulling a sick-day at work.

What if we told you that fishing brand Tackle Fanatics had created a new, online excuse generator, while utilises the principles of data and API to deliver fool-proof escapes from those dreaded meetings, gatherings and excursions.

How Does the Excuse Generator Work?

The brand developed the software after careful and forensic research, which found that 60% of people choose to make an excuse to get out of pre-arranged plans (while indirectly revealing that the other 40% are liars!)

Its premise is simple, as excuses are generated based on the accrued data relating to the most common issues and the individual recipient. So, once the person receiving the excuse has been identified (whether it be a colleague, boss or loved one), the tool will produce a natural and relevant excuse from its diverse database of options.

It will even be signed off with your name, adding a further sense of authenticity and helping to convince the recipient that you really are unavailable to attend whatever God-awful event they have planned.

What Are the Top Excuses, and When Are They Used?

The question that remains, of course, is which excuses are the most commonly used and when they are most likely to be applied. The software reveals a strong correlation between the two, with more than a third of respondents admitting that they would make an excuse to avoid a work event. The most popular responses to this are “sorry I forgot I have already made plans”, “I have no money” and “I forgot about the important family meal we have tonight”, each of which is relevant, organic and eminently believable.

As estimated 20% of those who were surveyed also use excuses to avoid family gatherings and get out of meeting the in-laws, with classic lines “such as I have been called into work” and “I am waiting for a delivery” proving to be the most effective. These examples underline how specific data is leveraged and organised using a sophisticated algorithm, in order to match viable excuses with listed events.

The excuse can also be tailored to the length of time that you are required to be absent or unavailable, which is crucial when you are looking to escape the trials of a family holiday!

Heralding a New Dawn in the World of Technology

According to Duncan Hayward at Tackle Fanatics, this innovative and data-driven tool has been created in direct response to the public's requests. This is part of a wider trend in the world of technology, where brands and software developers are joining forces to create apps and programs that enhance various aspects of everyday life. One of the most recent examples came with the 'Perspective' collaboration between Google and Jigsaw, which developed an API that could identify malicious comments online and tackle the issues caused by trolling.

While this tool is a little more light-hearted, it is extremely intuitive and serves a vital purpose in a world where white lies are more commonplace than many would like to admit. Above all else, the advanced algorithm ensures that you never use the same excuse ever again, enabling you to enjoy your life without ever hurting the feelings of those around you!

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