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5 Interesting Airport Hotels From Around The Globe

The travel industry represents huge business, so let's take a look at five of the world's best and most popular airport hotels.

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As a conservative estimate, it is believed that the global travel sector generates an incredible $7.2 trillion in revenue, while also accounting for an impressive 9.8% of the world's cumulative GDP. This betrays the size and scope of the travel and leisure sector, which creates millions of jobs and brings joy to travellers from all across the globe.

A surprising amount of this revenue is derived from airport hotels, which are often five-star establishments that cater to a diverse range of clients. As if to confirm this, there is annual award that is given to the world's best airport hotel, while the top 10 are ranked in order of their quality.

So, let's take a look at five of the best airport hotels in the world and the structures that regularly feature in the global top 10: -

1. The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport in Singapore

Interestingly, the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has been voted as the world's best airport hotel for the last two years, claiming the award in 2015 and 2016. Located on the region's Airport Boulevard, it is extremely popular among business travellers and provides first class amenities including free WiFi and 243, newly constructed rooms designed for professional users.

This was part of a recent, 10-storey extension that was completed in the summer.

2. The Paris Charles de Gaulle Hotel in France

Although this hotel did not feature in this years top 10, it is an up-and-coming structure that as grown in appeal among international visitors in recent times. According to citizenM, this contemporary hotel includes an incredible array of features and amenities, including extra-large beds, high-pressure rain showers, free movies and Vitra design furniture. It is also architecturally beautiful, with wall-to-wall windows and a stunning, modern design.

3. The Heathrow Sofitel T5 in England

The Heathrow Sofitel T5 was voted as the world's fifth best hotel earlier this year, thanks primarily to its 605 spacious (and not to mention luxurious) rooms and stunning range of suites. It has an immersive quality that enables guests to relax and escape the outside world, with first class fitness facilities and five stunning treatment rooms. The range and quality of cuisine on offer is also incredible, with high-end menus available to suit every need.

4. The Hilton Munich Airport in Germany

One of two German-based airports on the list (along with the Hilton Frankfurt), the Hilton Munich claimed fourth place overall and is a truly five-star structure both inside and out. Architecturally stunning, beautifully designed and located directly on the site of the airport, it combines form and function with breathtaking ease.

This venue also boasts high-speed Internet access too, so professional visitors can complete work quickly and efficiently at all times.

5. The Regal Airport in Hong Kong

We now come to the hotel that was recently ranked as the second best structure of its type in the world, and one which arguably boasts the most incredible range of amenities in the modern age. With landscaped gardens, a pillar-less boardroom, a 24-hour fitness centre and even a range of boutique shops, the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong has something to suit every travelling need.

The rooms are also spacious and benefit from a contemporary, minimalist design, so they offer a genuine sense of luxury.

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