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3 Steps To Make A Good TV Ad

In this post, we will look at what makes a good TV ad, and ask how you can use this medium to your advantage...

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We all know and love Tony the Tiger

We all know and love Tony the Tiger

We all know who this guy is. We, quite frankly, know he’s “Greeeeaaat” too. Mainly because he puts lots of sugar on our cereal. But for those in the advertising industry he represents something much greater. A mascot and TV advertising campaign that has lasted generations.

TV adverts can be great for businesses, no matter how big or small, but they can also be an expensive mistake if you get them wrong. They should hit a number of key principles in order to be successful. Here are the top five steps to making your ad a hit…

Represent Your Brand Clearly

For lesser known businesses, or companies new to advertising, highlighting what your brand does is key. This should be done throughout the commercial and in a way that also speaks to your target customer. Property Rescue, for example, recently released an advert that was entirely relatable to its target audience.

We know what it’s like to wait in a world where we expect everything to come instantly, and it plays expertly on that while delivering a key piece of information about their service.

Create A Storyline

There are few adverts that are hotly anticipated, but each year John Lewis create a real buzz around their Christmas advert and that’s all down to storyline.

They’ve had dogs desperate to play out on trampolines and a young girl connecting with a man on the moon to name a few. They manage to build a story that people can connect with in a matter of minutes, and from that receive worldwide coverage, millions of hits on YouTube, and most like a great number of sales.

Develop A Familiar Face

Most successful adverts carry a theme throughout their campaigns. If we see Ronald McDonald we instantly know the brand he’s representing. The same applies to Gio Compario of Go Compare fame or Tony the Tiger and Frosties.

Over their following campaigns, an audience will immediately connected to the brand because of the familiarity of the people or mascots within them.

Love him or hate him, who can forget this face?

Love him or hate him, who can forget this face?

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