• North7460

      First, it’s interesting to hear some Israelis say they have invested money in the Iron Dome when we should all agree that its almost entirely funded by the US. Just to be clear. Second, it’s also fascinating reading how Israelis talk about how hellish their lives are under constant bombardment of rocket attacks. It sounds almost as bad as a slow death from starvation (80% depend on food aid), polluted water, constant electricity cuts and non-existant economic opportunities in one of the most densely populated strips of land in the world. This is on top of daily humiliation and the slow erosion of dignity and culture that defines life under siege. For god sakes, what kind of organization do you think would rise from the ashes? And for that matter, why is Hamas the terrorist organization when Israel has killed many more civilians than Hamas ever has? Is it just because of the rhetoric used by Israel to justify violence? Because in my mind, both entities are using violence and intimidation as a means to achieve political goals - which is the dictionary definition of terrorism.

    • North7460

      I’m sorry to be late replying to this, but I live in Jordan and there is a considerable time difference. I would love to know how many people defending Israel have actually been to Gaza, or even Ramallah for that matter. When you’re unable to get to a hospital after a car accident because of check points, when your son is made to watch you be completely humiliated by an 18-year old Israeli soldier, when you are unable to travel outside of 360 square km area your entire life, when your water is polluted and access to economic opportunities completely stripped due to an occupying force, we’ll see what kind of organization you support. Yea Hamas is a terrorist organization, but put yourself in their shoes and try to feel their desperation. It is a serious mistake to look at rocket exchange or not agreeing to a cease fire as the root cause of the current crisis. The tragic events that have taken place over the past few weeks are just one of many that have occurred since 1948 and the slow, steady removal of Gazan dignity. Before you pass opinions, travel there and see for yourself what’s really going on.

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