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Jerry the Pug

he got a little too excited, he loves his new owner!

alex 9 years ago

Reverse Michael Jackson

Mom's white and Dad's black, she? she's tanned I guess...

alex 9 years ago

Nom Race

This is like...double cute.

J.Celestino 10 years ago

A Miserable Childhood

This book is pretty shocking for a children's book, but I guess it's only appropriate that kids must know that nobody should touch them like the f*ckin' uncle in the story.

alex 10 years ago

Lest We Forget

You can laugh now, but remember is happens to everyone...

alex 10 years ago

This is Very Blairwitch Project

Creep alert! I dunno if it's a viral vid for a movie or an intro to a alien themed bukkake movie...

alex 10 years ago

Eff Reasoning!

or else you'll go to hell...

alex 10 years ago

Nude PETA Demonstrators in Pig Pen

Some naked and very pregnant activists caged themselves, you know, to really stress out their point...

alex 10 years ago

If Browsers Were Girls

What could be as memorable as the first Browser you had surfed with?

alex 10 years ago

Replacing World Landmarks With Souvenirs

Most people when they visit a tourist attraction, they take home a little replica of the place to remind them of their trip. Then there's Michael Hughes, who loves to take pictures of the world's famous landmarks and blend it with souvenirs.

alex 10 years ago