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12 Creative Solutions In Unexpected Places

There are creative opportunities everywhere, you just have to make them. Catch more awesome ways that art is being made public and join the Levi's® Make Our Mark project to share your own inspirations.

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5. When artist Valio Ska decorated Heine Braeck's amputated arm:


When an accident leaves you with an amputated arm, make it look like a dolphin. Or at least that's this Norwegian's logic.

6. When graffiti artist Catman saved Christmas:

Dan Tweedie / Via

Vandals in Whitstable, England attempted to ruin the spirit of Christmas with a crude message and ugly troll. Luckily Catman was able to cover up the crime.

7. And when Moose removed dirt and grime to create a beautiful landscape:

Bride of Frankenstein / Via Flickr: frankenhut

When most people think about graffiti, they imagine bright paint and big words. Not Moose. This San Francisco-based artist power washes away years of dirty buildup to reveal elegant scenes.

9. When Nikita Nomerz turned decaying buildings into living creatures:

Nikita Nomerz / Via

Dead buildings aren't safe in Russia. Street artist Nikita Nomerz has been giving them new life with fresh paint and funny grins.

10. When Bergeron Woodworks used scraps left behind from Hurricane Katrina to build beautiful chests:

Bergeron Woodworks / Via

New Orleans-based artist and craftsman David Bergeron has been constructing beautiful chests from ruined buildings to help raise money for Katrina relief and to aid the oil spills in the gulf.

11. When Ha Schult built an army out of garbage:

Getty Images

This German master of recycling has installed his army of crushed cans and electronic waste in Moscow's Red Square, on The Great Wall of China, and alongside the Pyramids of Giza.

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