11 Reasons Why Art Is Better Through Collaboration

All right stop. Collaborate and listen. Don’t miss more cool collaborations happening at Make Our Mark, a public art project made possible by Levi’s®.

1. Because: The more, the merrier.

Lachlan Hardy / Via Flickr: lachlanhardy

In 2010, graff writers Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano (aka Amaze), took on the ambitious task of covering an entire wall with as many celebrated graff signatures as they could fit. The result: History, beauty, and pure collaboration.

2. Because: Everybody sticks together.

jareed / Via Flickr: jareed

All right, so maybe it’s a little gross, but the Market Theater Gum Wall is a local landmark in downtown Seattle. This vibrant and germ-filled sight is on Post Alley under Pike Place Market.

3. Because: The more shots we take, the greater our chances are of a bullseye.

Every visitor to Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room is first handed a sheet of brightly colored stickers. There are no rules from that point on. The once white walls are now beautifully covered with brilliant polka-dotted colors and designs.

4. Because: Many hands don't always make light work.

The Names Project is an enormous, ever-evolving quilt memorializing and celebrating the lives of individuals lost to AIDS around the world. This giant project travels the world to raise awareness and educate.

5. Because: Every voice deserves to be heard.

JC Medina / Via Flickr: jcmedina

The Sketchbook Project is a global, crowd-sourced art project and interactive, traveling exhibition of handmade books. Artists young and old can contribute to and peruse this unique collection of twin-bound beauty.

6. Because: Like love, art knows no boundaries.

Romantics flock to the Pont de l’Archevêché bridge in Paris to secure their love in everlasting Master Lock matrimony.

7. Because: Nothing comes sailing by itself.

Royal Broil / Via Flickr: royal_broil

Anderson Dock in Door County, Wisconsin is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Boaters and visitors are encouraged to continue with the tradition of “signing” the warehouse walls with the boat name and the year(s) they docked there.

8. Because: A life without love is like a sunless garden.

elizabeyth / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Oscar Wilde’s kiss-covered tomb is located in Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris.

9. Because: It doesn't always take one to know one.

Selfless Portraits is a collaborative art project aiming to bridge the gap between technology and humanity by encouraging small, creative gestures between strangers across the globe. See a stranger. Draw their picture. Be happy.

10. Because: A thousand pictures is worth an insane amount of words.

Jer Thorp / Via Flickr: blprnt

The Glocal Project is an experiment in mass collaboration hosted on the image sharing site Flickr.

11. And because: Together we can do so much.

Chris Gorman / Via facebook.com

“When the Beach Met the Bay” is a public sculpture built by L.B. KIDS from over 25,000 Plastic Caps that were collected after Hurricane Sandy.

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