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What Is Known Of Mexican Tourists Attacked In Egypt

As the hours pass, rather than clarified, the attack that killed at least two Mexican tourists in Egypt gets more confusing. The Foreign Secretary, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, emergency undertook a trip to Cairo to see first hand the investigation into the incident, and care for survivors. He is accompanied by some relatives of those who were Attacked.

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The trip comes amid confusion even about the number of victims. While the Mexican government has only confirmed the deaths of two people, BBC World spoke with relatives of a third fatality. And from Egypt it has been reported that the number of Mexican victims are 8 , to which are added four Egyptian.

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Ruiz Massieu said he will seek "clear answers".

" We are confident that the Egyptian government will respond with all seriousness and speed to our demands" , he said before boarding the plane.

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Nor is there clarity on the reasons for the incident. The Egyptian government has said that the tour group was in a restricted area.

It is an oasis in the Western Desert where a special security operation was performed.

But David Diaz Bejarano, nephew of one of the deceased, Rafael Bejarano Rangel, tells the BBC that his family frequently visit the site.

"Yes, they go like 10 years between Egypt and each year visit once or twice, it is not the first time."

In fact Rafael's mother, Maricela Rangel Davalos, is responsible for organizing these trips.


The Mexican Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of 2 people , Luis Barajas Fernandez and Maria d Lourdes Fernandez Rubio.

Another 6 were injured and an equal number are missing, according to local media said the Mexican ambassador to Egypt, Jorge Alvarez Fuentes.

To these adds Rangel Bejarano, whose death was confirmed to him by the family of Egypt tour guides to relatives.

The injured tourists are Colette Gladiola Insunza, Susana Gallegos Calderon, Patricia Velarde Calderón, Juan Pablo Garcia Chavez, Maricela Rangel and a person from whom the ambassador did not specify their data.


In a conference call with reporters, the Egyptian ambassador to Mexico, Yasser Shaban said that in the oasis of military Desert and police were trying to identify "terrorists" who "used, similar to those that were used by tourists 4x4" the diplomat said.

Thus, "the tourists found themselves under the fire of the weapons of the security forces".

The attack was carried out from aircraft and helicopters dropped bombs the group said Secretary Ruiz Massieu.

But Gabriela Bejarano, sister of Rafael, does not believe there was some confusion.


Nabil Altawi, the guide who accompanied the tourists in Egypt, "was always very careful, was very strict on those points. You could not deviate anywhere that was not stipulated, could not even buy anything alone."

"The times they were very marked because we were always accompanied by the same government convoys down. There was no way they were confused with terrorists."


But beyond unclear data, who were the Mexicans who they were attacked?

Most are from Guadalajara, but also traveled 2 of Guanajuato and one in Mexico City.

They met in a spiritual group that organized Rafael Bejarano, "a man of great peace" as defined by his nephew.

Even the visit to Egypt was not only tourism, but also a pretext to find a space for reflection.

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