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Tips For How Can Adjust The Print Quality

You can set the print quality and color tone to fit the data you want to print. This section briefly explains some of the settings you can make.

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For more information, see the printer driver Help.

* Print in black and white

You can only print using the black color.

Because black and white printing is faster than color printing, it is more effective for printing color documents that do not need to be printed in color. In addition, the black color obtained in black and white printing is sharper than the black obtained in color printing. Be sure to select black and white printing if you have selected black and white printing in an application.

* Saving color ink during printing

You can save color ink when printing graphics and images using a lower amount of ink than usual. The text is printed in the usual way, so that it can be read clearly and easily.

* Changing the method of printing images

When printing images, the higher the image resolution, the more time is required to print. You can print by prioritizing print quality or printing speed. Also check out the hot prints USA here.

* Correction of the tone of the digital photographs

Correct the tone of digital photographs. This is especially useful for overexposed or underexposed images.

Exposure is affected by the amount of light present at the time the picture was taken. If there is too much light or too much darkness.

* Smooth printing of low resolution images

You can smooth the impression of the contours of the low-resolution images that often appear on Web pages.

* Changing the Blur Pattern

A dither frame is a dot pattern used to simulate a color or the shadow of an image. If the frame is changed, the characteristics of the image will also change. You can select a suitable frame for the image to be printed.

Fading is a technique in which tiny dots are printed in frames to simulate tones and colors that can not be physically reproduced.

* Using Diffusion Error

Diffusion Error is a type of dither that produces halftones by dense shape dots for dark colors and diffusely for light colors. Select the appropriate frame for the image that you want depending on the operating system or application, it is possible that Diffusion Error is not printed correctly.

* Changing the color profile frame

You can select a color profile frame in order to adjust the color tone for the prints, according to the colors displayed on the computer screen.

The colors on the computer screen are displayed using the three RGB colors, but the colors used for printing are composed of the four CMYK colors. When printing, RGB colors are transformed into CMYK colors.

* Printing grayscale images using black or CMYK

You can print parts of an image in black or gray using black or CMYK

* Printing black text

You can print black text in another color. This is useful when text that is not black appears clearer when printed.

* Use of ICM

You can correct the colors using the Windows ICM (Color Matching the Image) function.

ICM is a color management system that adjusts colors between I / O devices. Use this function to obtain print results with colors as faithful as possible to the colors displayed on the computer screen. To use this function, you must add the color profile to the printer.

You can find the color profile in the ICM folder included on the supplied CDROM. For more information about how to add a color profile, look up the words "color profile" in Windows Help and read the corresponding topic.

* This feature is not available in Windows NT 4.0.

Setting Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the printout.

* Color Balance Settings

You can adjust the color balance by changing the blend of red (R), green (G) and blue (B).

* Printing an entire page as an image

This section explains how to convert a print job to image data using a Windows application, and then print the image using the printer driver. You can print an entire page as an image. This allows you to obtain print results that are more similar to the image shown. Since more data needs to be processed, printing will take longer. Use this function if the printed image varies from the displayed image.

Black or gray parts will be printed with the four CMYK colors regardless of the settings made in the [Gray reproduction (Text / Line Art ):] on the [Image Adjustments] tab in the dialog [Change User Settings].

This setting overrides the watermark setting.

Changing the image data process

Depending on the application, there may be cases where the printout is longer or the colors do not print correctly. You can change the image data process to solve the problem.

Because changing the image data processing method may cause it to not print correctly with some applications, you should not select this option.

* Printing with certain CMYK colors

Typically, when printing in color, all colors (CMYK) are used. You can print using certain CMYK colors.

These settings are not available when black and white printing is selected.

* Highlight type of bold font size

You can highlight the type of bold according to the size of the font.

This feature is not available with Windows 98 / Me.

* Changing the TrueType Font Extraction Method

This is useful for correcting misleading or misleading characters.

If [Reduce / Enlarge] together with this function, printed text may be distorted .

* Printing images with vivid colors

You can print images with vivid colors by changing the settings of the printer properties or by using special paper.

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