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Best Egyptian Destinations You Should Look Forward For Your Next Trip

From Giza pyramids to the Great Sphinx, Egypt encloses some of the most ancient as well as famous monuments of the world. Although the majority of tourists visit the great monuments along the River Nile, there are other enticing attractions also like snorkeling along the Red Seas coast, camel trips to the mountains of Sinai, a relaxing Sharm El Sheikh beach vacation and much more. Let us take a short trip to five best Egyptian destinations.

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Located next to the Red Sea, Hurghada encompasses several stretches of sandy beaches. Once used to be a small fishing village, the place has now developed into a beautiful resort town. Crowned to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in Egypt, Hurghada offers exciting diving opportunities to travelers.


Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria once used to be known as the crossroads of the world. Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, presently the city is one of the leading ports of Egypt. Although the place has lost its ancient glory, still it is considered a must visit place for its cultural attraction.

Sharm el-Sheikh

Love beaches? Then take Sharm el-Sheikh vacations as the place is one of the most popular beach resorts located at the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula. Famous among vacationers and Divers, Sharm el-Sheikh, is considered one of the finest diving spots in the world. Plus, there are plenty of excursions like snorkeling to Naveq, Jeep safaris to Colored Canyon, overnight trips to Mount Sinai are ready to make your holiday unforgettable.


Located 53 miles from Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab is perfect for a laid-back vacation. Once a secluded coastal village, the place turned into a famous hangout place for hippies. If you want to enjoy a holiday on both beaches as well as dessert, Dahab is the destination for you. You can enjoy windsurfing, rock climbing, desert trekking, scuba diving and much more such pleasures.


The capital city of Egypt, Cairo is a busy metropolis. Cairo tours are popular for cruises to Nile and excursions to Pyramids at Giza. Moreover, the world famous Egyptian Museum of Tahrir Square is situated here where visitors can have a view of the treasure of Tutankhamun, mummies and several other precious artifacts. So, are you ready to explore the ancient past and beauty of Egypt with these destinations? Book your Egypt tours ASAP!.

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