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9 Amazing Skincare Tips We Learned From Our Grandmas

Our grandmothers, our skincare gurus.

1. Don't throw out your rice water.

2. You can use turmeric to cure pretty much everything.

3. No eyelash curler? No problem.

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It's disputed when the eyelash curler was invented—patents for the first pop up in 1923, 1931, 1940—but before it came about, people used spoons to curl lashes, and it's still a trick you can use to this day. Model Miranda Kerr—who has her own pretty great skincare line—sometimes uses the trick over a regular eyelash curler. There are a few beauty tricks you can utilize a spoon for, actually. Who knew dining utensils have a space in beauty bags?

How to use it: Watch the video and be amazed!

4. Charcoal was the original Crest. (Maybe.)

5. Beer can make beautiful hair.

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Washing your hair in beer adds volume and shine to heat-damaged hair. Experts suggest you use traditionally brewed beer that's rich in hops to get the most out of your beer treatment.

6. Koreans do it (face-washing) better.

7. Food makes a fabulous (and cheap) face mask.

8. Oil up.

9. And when life hands you lemons....

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Your mom, your grandma, your Pinterest followers—they might all suggest sugar and lemon scrubs or toner, but do not listen to them. Listen to estheticians and skincare professionals. Lemon juice on your skin—especially on open wounds like acne—it can exacerbate the problem more than help. Listen to this no-nonsense lady right here. Your skin will thank you for it.

How to use it: DON'T. No way!