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12 Laws That Should Totally Be Real

Hear ye! Hear ye! There's a new sheriff in town! Find out what kind of laws the boys in Let's Be Cops will break, in theaters August 13!

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1. You get to shoplift something small, once, legally, so you can feel like a badass:

2. There will be a $25 fine every time you catcall:

The Boat / / Via

3. If you get on the train before everyone gets off, you have to spend your next three rides alone in the smelly car:

4. Henceforth, bars shall remain open 24/7:

5. Appointing yourself DJ for the night will get you evicted from the party unless you are hosting the party OR the host asks you to be the DJ:

6. No. Nickelback. Ever:

7. If you wear a puka shell necklace, go directly to jail and do not collect $200:

8. Foot-powered scooters are illegal for everyone over the age of 10:

9. Same-side sitters at restaurants will be ticketed and then banned from said restaurant:

10. You can citizen's-arrest anyone for wearing a fedora:

11. Girls who talk loudly on the phone at nail salons will immediately get their manicures smudged:

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch / Viacom Productions / Via

12. And the best law of them all — free sides of bacon with ev-er-y-thang:

Your roommate's loud, annoying sex totally now counts as a "domestic disturbance":

Check out Let's Be Cops, in theaters August 13!

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