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10 Animal Impostors Who Just Aren't Fooling Anyone

Who do these animals think they are? Speaking of shams, see the hilarious Let's Be Cops in theaters, August 13!

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1. This ferocious beast who is straight-up lion:

2. This pup that is clearly having a cow:

istolethetv / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: istolethetv

3. This little guy who thinks he's an itty-bitty kit-tea bag:

4. This squirrel who's just horsin' around:

5. This kitten who realized being a duck isn't all it's quacked up to be:

6. This cat who wants to be like everybunny else:

7. This bear who thinks he's a famous jazz musician:

8. This pair that pulled a Freaky Furday:

GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Via

9. This gal who's wearing purrfectly acceptable cat-o-flage:

10. This "mammoth" who thawed he was too cool for obedience school:

Fake it till you make it and see Let's Be Cops, in theaters August 13!

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