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Thousands Of Sheep Marched Freely Through This Town And People Loved It

An un-ewe-sual town procession.

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A herd of thousands of fuzzy farm animals got a sheep thrill when a flok broke free from their caretaker and jaunted through a Spanish town on Monday morning.

Facebook: video.php / Via Policía Local Huesca

Local police in Huesca, Spain, said in a statement on Tuesday that officers received a call at around 4:30 a.m. local time of "hundreds of sheep walking loose down Martínez de Velasco Avenue."

Police posted video of the mutton march on its YouTube and Facebook pages, which have collectively gained more than 46,000 views.

View this video on YouTube / Via Web Informativa Policia Local Huesca

Some people said the sheep may have just been confused about election day. Spain's general elections will be held on June 26.

Policía Local Huesca / Via Facebook: plhuesca

Huesca local police said after a few minutes they were able to find the shepherd who gathered the herd and redirected them to the area where they escaped earlier.

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