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    This Tortoise Needs Someone To Walk Him Around Central Park, Could It Be You?

    It sounds like one shell of a job.

    This is Amanda Green and Henry, her 16-year-old pet tortoise. The two live together in an apartment in Harlem, New York.

    Green's apartment is just a couple of blocks away from Central Park where Henry likes to sunbathe and nibble on dandelions.

    Green is a devoted tortoise mom. She told BuzzFeed News that she takes Henry on two-hour walks over the weekend in the park. But that leaves Henry itching for some time in the sun during the weekdays now that New York enters spring.

    "I just feel guilty," said Green. "He doesn't have a place to go outside. I don't have a backyard. The weather is beautiful and Henry is just pacing the halls of my apartment."

    So now Green is searching Craigslist for the right person to walk Henry in Central Park for $10 an hour.

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    The job is relatively simple, said Green. You just need to be able to lift him (he's 16 pounds) and keep up with him as he scoots around the park.

    Green even has a nifty dog stroller she uses to roll him to the park and back.

    "He gets really excited on the way to the park," said Green. "He's clawing at the mesh screen. By the time he walks through the park for a few hours, he's passed out on the way back."

    Green said the tortoise walking job is a "really easy gig." But the right person will have to be social because Henry usually draws a big crowd in the park.

    People typically have a lot of questions about Henry, Green said. So the right walker must also like people.

    The only tricky thing about walking Henry is that he explores the world through his mouth, she said. The walker just has to be on the lookout for any scraps of human food or garbage that Henry may try to eat.

    "It's definitely not a full-time job for anyone," said Green. "It's something you have to do for the love of the park and him and a little bit of extra money."

    Green said Henry is overall a great tortoise. She said he loves exploring, bright colors, and fresh fruits. He likes to follow new people around the apartment, especially if they're wearing bright nail polish.

    She calls Henry her roommate and life partner, which is quite literal. Sulcata tortoises like Henry can live to be about 100 years old.

    She doesn't recommend that just anyone get a tortoise because they require a lot of work and are a lifetime commitment.

    But she has no regrets about having Henry as her life partner.

    "My boyfriend doesn't have problem with it," she said. "Guys come and go but tortoises are forever."