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This Diamond Is The Size Of A Credit Card And Could Be Yours For $14 Million

This is some serious bling.

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An Australian diamond company unearthed this truly massive 404-carat diamond in Lulo, Angola. It is the biggest ever recorded diamond found in Angola, according to a company statement posted to Facebook. / Via Lucapa Diamond

The humongous rock was found at the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola's Lunda Norte province, Lucapa chairman Miles Kennedy told Australia's ABC.

"The results today are a wonderful vindication of eight years of pretty hard work," said Kennedy.

The diamond spans about 2.75 inches, or about the size of a credit card, and weighs about 2.6 ounces.

The company has found over 100 10.8-carat "special diamonds" just in the last six months, said Kennedy. But the 400-carat rock is the largest diamond the company has unearthed since it began excavation in the Lulo area.

He said the diamond's sale will allow the company to expand its operations in the area.


It didn't take long for diamond-lovers to start scheming on how to get this piece of ice.

GF is already dropping hints...... Diamond weighing 404 carats is one of the largest ever found via @CNNMoney

"Please return," said one person.

I have lost a diamond approximately 404 carats when I was in Angola please return for reward thank you in advance #Diamond @ReadCorporate

It's still kind of Valentine's Day, right?

Hubby botched #ValentinesDay. Just saw 404.2-carat diamond was discovered, why isn't it mine? #diamondsareforever #happywifehappylife

Other people are keeping it simple.

I want it...just like that!

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