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11 Things Every College Student Should Let Go Of This Semester

For starters, those textbooks you know you'll never touch again. Use the letgo app to sell them and everything else you don't use anymore.

1. That totally clichéd poster:

2. Textbooks you’ll never use again:

3. Unused cords and chargers:

4. All the swag from orientation you’ll never wear:

5. Those roller skates, that bike, your skateboard...

6. Bad study habits:

7. The expensive camera you never use:

8. Toxic friendships:

9. Trying to have the perfect semester:

10. Athletic equipment you kept from high school:

11. Your futon:

And the perception that you need to buy everything brand spankin' new.

Buying secondhand and selling your own unused items is a great way to save and make money. When you’re ready to say goodbye, letgo will help you buy or sell items with ease. Snap, post, chat, and sell. It’s that simple.

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