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11 Tips For Secondhand Shopping According To Pros

Just when you're about to quit, search a little more. Download the letgo app and see what awesome art, decor, furniture, clothing, and more you can find.

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"Even though thrifting is associated with being 'cheap,' there will be a day where you find an item that is truly one of a kind and the price will probably reflect that. Don’t worry. Learn to haggle like a hustler."

"Watch old movies, read old magazines, and do online research so you're familiar with the patterns, textures, and materials of your favorite looks from the past. When you're in the shopping trenches, you'll know exactly which pieces come from which eras."

"Fashion recycles. So when looking for streetwear, don't look at what's hot right now. Look at what was hot five years ago, because it will come back in style, and you can get it for a fraction of the cost."

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