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14 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help The Laziest Person Declutter Their Life

Cleaning and decluttering is a lot easier than you think. Once you’ve decided which items you haven’t used in a while and can do without, consider selling them on letgo and getting a little cash in return!

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First and foremost, keep these simple rules in mind:

• Spend no more than 10 seconds deciding whether to keep or get rid of something.

• If an item doesn't immediately bring you joy, sell it.

• If you haven't worn or used it in a year, sell it.

• If you have similar items, let go of your least favorite one.

2. Don't look at the big picture. Start in one corner and work clockwise.


It's easy to look at the whole room you have to clean and get discouraged. Instead start small and tackle areas in a clockwise motion.

5. Get rid of similar or duplicate items.


You don't need three moisturizers or two bottles of all-purpose cleaner. If you buy items in bulk, keep only the one in use visible and store the extras elsewhere.

7. How many people are in your household? Multiply that number by two. That's how much silverware and servingware you should have.


Spoons spilling out from all over the place is frustrating, not a source of pride. Plus, limiting your dishes and utensils to only what's needed will help reduce dirty dishes and subsequent cleaning.

8. Let go of duplicate items in your kitchen like spatulas, ladles, and more.

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Notice a pattern yet? If you already have one, let the others go. You don't need three ladles. Promise.

10. Think of your living room as a heat map. Which pieces of furniture are used the most and which aren't used enough?

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Sell the furniture that rarely gets used. It will help your home seem larger and can add some serious coin to your bank account.

11. Also consider selling electronics, like TVs or computers, that you haven’t used in a while.


Technology has advanced so much that you can get something bigger and better for cheaper! If it's been a few months or years, let it go — and then upgrade it.

12. Downsize your board game and video game collections.


Once again, apply the above rules. (Does it bring you joy? Have you used it in a year?) And while you're at it, downsize your movie and book collections too by going digital. There are sites like this one that will show you if a movie is available to stream or download.

14. There is nothing wrong with sentimental clothing, but store it somewhere besides your closet or drawers.

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Find clever ways to display your favorite pieces or put them all together in a sentimental bin.

Letting go of items you found during your spring cleaning is easier than you think. letgo is the perfect place for selling items and finding new gems.

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