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There's A Huge Sign In Mexico's Senate Saying "Against Trump"

It went up in March, and is still there.

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This sign has been plastered across the windows of Mexico's Senate since March.

Yuri Cortez / AFP / Getty Images

It was hung in March by the left-leaning Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) as part of a social media campaign described as a "war" on the Republican nominee.

"It's the participation of everyone, from branches of government, society, everyone out there that wants to express themselves against someone that has made insults, denigration, xenophobia, racism against Mexicans and many nationalities," said PRD Senate leader Miguel Barbosa Huerta in a press conference unveiling the posters.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN for short) was widely criticized for inviting Donald Trump to meet with him on August 31, and another left-leaning party, Morena, hung this banner in Mexico's lower house saying "And dignity, EPN?"

#EnVivo en #SesiónCongresoGeneral legisladores desplegaron mantas en la tribuna del Salón de Sesiones

Mexico's finance minister was later blamed for arranging the visit and resigned.

Trump jumped into his thoughts on Mexico within seconds of the start of the first presidential debate on Monday, accusing the country of "stealing US jobs."

Patrick Semansky / AP

"When you look at what's happening in Mexico, a friend of mine who builds plants said it's the eighth wonder of the world. They're building some of the biggest plants anywhere in the world, some of the most sophisticated, some of the best plants. With the United States, as he said, not so much," he said.

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