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Seven LGBT Rights Activists Protest In Russia Without Getting Arrested

And they look pretty lonely.

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Police in Moscow and St. Petersburg detained a total of 14 LGBT rights activists as the Olympic Games formally opened on Friday. But four protestors took to the streets of the southern city of Tolyatti and three others protested in the neighboring city of Samara without attracting the attention of police. / Via

This poster says "Feast in the time of the plague," a saying that basically means people don't care about the evil going on around them. (Perhaps because they'd rather be shopping.) / Via

The poster says, "The politics of double standards: Propaganda/Not Propaganda." The second picture features T.a.T.u, marketed to the public as lesbians even though they are straight.


Courtesy of Samara Avers

The poster paraphrases the Olympic Charter's Principle 6: "Any form of discrimination — racial, religious, political or any other character or gender — regarding citizens of people is unacceptable as pertaining to the Olympic spirit."

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