lessismorphine I am a 25 year old doctor working in Johannesburg
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  • Medics Workout

    To keep fit I like to fill out at least 50 phleb forms daily, bench press two oxygen tanks (3 sets of 10) and piggy back my patients to CT scanner. I choose to sprint up the stairs to the ninth floor, not because the lift has an ‘out of order’ sign on it, but because I’m doing ‘legs’ today. If I can make it through this workout without vomitting up blood, I will reward myself with a Fresubin shake and a B12 injection into one of my massive glutes. I am a fit medic.

  • Anaesthetic Gangs Are Dope But Not Cool

    Mickey Pyjamason (7) used to enjoy eating Oreos and playing ‘cops and robbers’ with his Teddy before he became addicted to pethidine. Now he and Teddy are on the run from the real cops. It all started when Mickey was initiated into an Anaesthetic Gang while undergoing a reverse tooth-whitening procedure in the Main Operating Theatre. “I had no choice”, says Mickey. “They asked me if I liked dinosaurs and then they told me to count to ten. When I woke up my mommy was gone and I was scared.” Anesthetic Gangs often prey on the hemodynamically and emotionally unstable. ‘Spider Nevus’ (not his real name) is a member of the infamous 0,9% gang and says that his gang controls three quarters of the crystalloid market. He wears a scrub top with the sleeves torn off and the trademark puppies and skulls bandana. He points to a tattoo of a cat with its eyes crossed out on his cubital fossa and says “We all have needs, aspirations - reasons to wake up from a coma. We think of ourselves as ‘incentivised consciousness’.” Spider explains how they exchange Meowbags (Ketamine + Voluven + Orange juice) for sexual favours, cigarettes and Crocs. “If we haven’t put you under, you’re going down”, smirks Spider as he tightens his Finding Nemo touniquet.

  • World Cup Games to Be Broadcast in 1D

    Today hospital IT technicians unveiled the Tiddy Bear 2000 Personal TV – a revolutionary device that will bring the FIFA World Cup games to the bedsides of hundreds of sick and lazy patients across the country. Norman Moosepelt who has developed products like Hair in a Can, The Underwater Bedazzler and Thighmaster of Ceremonies says that Tiddy Bear is the next level of entertainment. “Patients often waste away in their various corners with nothing to keep them busy but the drone of Jenny Chrys Williams’ voice punting the latest self help book for disenfranchised game rangers. Now we have Tiddy Bear”, glints Moosepelt. The Tiddy Bear console weighs a mere 40kg and is powered by a 3 litre diesel engine (to save on electricity). “If you were more than satisfied with 2D Television, you will be moderately satisfied with 1D television and you will receive a free Small Mouth Billy Bass. We’ve really managed to cut costs by removing what we think is an unnecessary dimension. The broadcast quality is somewhere between homogenous static and the Hannah Montana for DOS video game”, says Moosepelt. “We’ve also got delays down to less than 3 hours for that ‘near-live’ experience.”

  • The Urine Room

    A new hospital wellbeing campaign seeks to weigh obese patients daily to reinforce the danger their overabundance poses to themselves and the lives of others. “Each weigh-in is preceded by a group therapy session where members share their caloric crimes as they pass the ceremonial Twinkie around the circle”, says Weight Warrior Hilda Hindenberg. “Of course the Twinkie is ultimately flushed down the drain. Nothing is ever eaten in the Urine Room”, emphasises Hindenberg. The Urine Room, which gets its name from the abundance of urinals, urinating men and puddles of urine that colour the inside landscape of the room, was chosen by Weight Warriors as a meeting place for its appetite suppressing properties. “It’s very hard to be hungry with all the dripping, flushing, wafting and splashing that goes on in here”, grimaces Hindenberg who has shed a Backstreet Boy in weight since she joined the program. “Being in charge means I can reward those who have lost weight with celery vouchers. Those who have gained get the hose”, squints Hindenberg gesturing to a rusty fire hydrant. The room has been fitted with floor to ceiling mirrors to ‘give the illusion of space and anonymity’.

  • Urinal of Death Strikes Again

    Hygiene not a problem at Charlie MaCheeky Hospital Matron Mildred Buggspread denies that ‘cooties’ and ‘goggas’ are out of control in her ward. “We used to have a serious infection control problem, but we’ve sorted that out. “We no longer allow rats weighing more than 5kg into the ward without a leash”, says Buggspread who once had to wrestle a 4 foot rodent for the remains of her KFC Family Feast. “I’m a firm believer in rinsing one’s hands at least twice a day”, she continues. “But water doesn’t grow on trees”. Much of the water in the hospital has indeed been diverted to the giant urinating cherub fountain in the private Folateng foyer. “Yes we have a few cockroaches here and there but we have put bells around their necks so that the patients know which unlit toilets to avoid.” Mildred, who still believes that E-Coli means ‘city of gold’ in ‘one or another language’, feels that there is no problem so disgusting that it cannot be solved by covering it with a black plastic bag.

  • Elvish Sex Toy Gains FDA Approval

    The EargasmTM was originally developed by Middle-Earthian scientist Puck Elrond as a hearing aid for hearing impaired elves and dwarfs but the device’s ability to amplify the cry of the Nazgûl has been largerly eclispsed by its more sensual capabilities. Lenny ‘Legless’ Legolas (481) remembers how, in the throes of senility, he accidentally thought his EargasmTM hearing aid was his deceased wife Gladysriel and retired with ‘her’ to the bedroom. “I’ve never felt more alive”, says Lenny who has struggled with Erectile Dysfunction for more than 100 years. “It was like being (Cele)born again.” Heralded as ‘not just another Elven Orifice’ by ORC Magazine, the EargasmTM has helped millions of elves, dwarves, hobbits and even trolls put the fire back into Mount Doom. Elrond, who also invented the FrodomTM (a prophylactic for the unexpectedly endowed), says “The EargasmTM is a healthy adjunct to any struggling union between elves, men, beasts etc. From Sauron’s mouth to your Ears”

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