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    19 Times Juan Gabriel Perfectly Captured Modern Life And Love

    Tú estás siempre en mi mente... pero sobretodo cuando subo mis Snaps.

    1. When it's a new year, and you are single and ready to mingle:

    2. When your crush is the first one to look at your Snapchat Story:

    3. When you're thinking about drunk-messaging your ex...

    4. ...but then your friends take your phone away:

    5. But then you sneak into their purse, find your phone, and text them anyway:

    6. When the immaculate golden rays of the sunset provide you with the perfect light to snap a #nofilter Instagram selfie:

    7. When you *think* you see your Tinder crush, but you guys haven't met yet:

    8. When your ex DMs you after posting a bomb-ass selfie:

    9. And when your CRUSH DMs you after posting a bomb-ass selfie:

    10. When future bae not only likes, but comments on, your latest photo:

    11. When your Tinder date is hotter in person than in their photos:

    12. When you go on a date and you already know everything about them 'cause you stalked the crap out of them so you just have to sit there and pretend it's all new knowledge:

    13. When your ex uploads a photo looking busted as hell:

    14. When you're in the middle of taking a Snapchat video, and your phone dies:

    15. When you see bae flirting on the timeline:

    16. When your crush reads your Whatsapp but doesn't answer:

    17. When your Snapchat is literally everything, but your crush doesn't see it:

    18. When all your dates cancel on you, but it doesn't matter 'cause you are single AF AND LOVING IT:

    19. When you thought the year and your love life were both off to a great start but realize it's a lie and you start chugging tequila otra vez: