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15 Mexican Actors That Should Totally Be Part Of American TV Shows

La neta, something has been missing. This is how it should be.

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1. La India María in Friends

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Why: Because we want to see more of María "taking the U.S. by storm" after Okey, Mister Pancho.

Missed Episode: The one were Phoebe learns what it's ~really~ like to have it rough and Joey can't stop eating María's enchiladas. Rachel takes credit for María's ideas for a new clothing line at Ralph Lauren.

2. Cantinflas in House of Cards

Media Rights Capital / Via

Why: Because Francis Underwood would never murder someone who makes him laugh this much.

Missed Episode: Francis' search for a new immigration policy advisor derails and he soon finds himself in Tijuana drinking and smoking with Cantinflas. What happens in Tijuana stays in Tijuana.

3. La Chupitos in How I Met Your Mother

20th Century Fox Television / Via

Why: Ay mantos, we all know Barney needs a real drinking buddy.

Missed Episode: La Chupitos, Robin, Ted and Barney go out for a night of smoking Havanos and gettting liquored up on Scotch. Soon enough, night turns to day and Ted wakes up next to La Chupitos wearing nothing but the ducky tie. She cooks him chilaquiles upon waking and they never speak of the incident again.


4. La Reina del Sur in Breaking bad

Sony / Via

Why: Hey Walter, why don't you step aside and let the grown-ups play.

Missed Episode: Walter White had it easy when his biggest problem was Gustavo. His life is in shambles when Teresa Mendoza discovers Heisenberg's true identity and her master plan begins with the seduction of Jesse.

5. Javi Noble in Gossip Girl

17th Street Productions / Via

Why: He'd fit right in!

Missed Episode: The crew heads to Cancún on Spring Break but instead find themselves stranded in Tepito, where only one man can get them back home.

–XOXO, Javi.

6. El Chavo in A Pup Named Scooby Doo

Warner Bros. / Via

Why: Shaggy and Scooby find their new best friend when El Chavo introduces them to tortas de jamón.

Missed Episode: The gang gets called down to Guanajuato to investigate a mysterious case and soon encounter La Llorona. Jinkies! err... ¡Ay, güey!

7. Ludovico P. Luche in Game of Thrones

HBO / Via

Why: Ciudad P. Luche is obviously the 8th kingdom.

Missed Episode: Daenerys finally heads to war with her dragons in tow but the Lannisters have a secret weapon: the eccentric familia P. Luche.


8. Soraya Montenegro in Orange is The New Black

Tilted Productions / Via

Why: Because these ladies don't know a real bitch yet.

Missed Episode: Soraya teaches Piper how to win a cat fight: slapping, double-slapping, back-handed slapping, double-handed slapping and plenty of screaming for good measure. ¡Maldita Lisiada!

9. Doña Florinda in The Brady Bunch

Paramount Television / Via

Why: "Oh my nose!" Marcia could have really used someone to sing Sana Sana Colita de Rana.

Missed Episode: Doña Florinda's new job as the Brady's muchacha is cut short when Kiko is threatened by her six new tesoros.

11. Don Ramon in The Walking Dead

AMC / Via

Why: Perdón Don Ramon, but when you look like that there just aren't any other roles for you.

Missed Episode: Poor, poor Don Ramon makes it all the way from Mexico to Atlanta kicking and screaming but his long journey is cut short at the hands of Rick for looking too much like a walker.


12. Belinda in Girls

Apatow Productions / Via

Why: These girls are dying for a taste of la vida fresa.

Missed Episode: Marnie is jealous when Belinda's singing career takes off. Hannah is upset to find out that Boba Niña Nice was actually written about her.

13. María la del Barrio in 3 Broke Girls

CBS / Televisa / Via

Why: Because no mamen, do these chicks even know what it means to be broke?

Missed Episode: María, Max and Caroline take a summer job waitressing in Mazatlán. But Max and Caroline get jealous when a mysterious wealthy (and handsome) patron starts flirting with María.

14. Huicho Dominguez in Entourage

HBO / Televisa / Via

Why: Remember when Vince bought that Rolls-Royce? That car would've been Huicho's trash.

Missed Episode: Huicho takes Vince for a ride to Zuma Beach in his Lamborghini Veneno Roadster at full speed as El Buki blasts at full volume.

15. Nacaranda in Sex and the City

HBO / Via

Why: Because Nacaranda may just be trendier that Carrie.

Missed Episode: Nacaranda teaches the ladies that all it takes to find ~el amor~ in New York City is a healthy dose of lowering your standards and learning to chew gum in that sexy, sexy way.